Live, not recorded.
Operator assistance at all times.
Designed and customized exactly for you!

Everything that an exhibition in the
physical world offers – but virtual!

Which means you see it all, and interact with speakers or other participants just as you would in the
real world, in real time.

It’s all ‘real time’. Live.

Curated only for you.

Dedicated Specialists

Our ‘Specialists’ will ensure you are seen and heard by all.

Your Designs

Customize absolutely everything. Exactly as you’d like. Change in real time too

It’s Not Recorded

It’s exactly like the real world. But Virtual. Its the same adventure as real!

Detailed Analytics

Detailed information on all activities related to the event. Easy downloadable in real time.

Virtual doesn’t have to be boring!

Customized Lobby

Showcase Video, Brochures, Help Desk etc.

Premium Exhibitors can interact on live video.


Live stream speakers
Live stream Q&A, Polls
Stream promotional videos
Use a Chorus Call Event Specialist to moderate and switch between different sessions


All at a click of a button:

Visitor Data
Video Calls
Polls and much more.


Encourage posting event on Social Media.
Customized event frame for participants.