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A report by Forbes tells us that “humans process visual information far faster and more aptly than text or audio.” And, relative to audio conferencing, “62% of executives agree that video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication. In addition, 50% of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding.”

This is why chorus call gives you the option to conduct your next ‘Investor Relations’ call via ’Managed Video Services’. Its the same audio service you may have used for years before but now in video, with the support of ‘Video Specialists’! When you’re doing an important meeting like

  • Investor or Industry Analyst Call
  • IPO debriefing with institutional investors and analysts
  • Environment Sustainability and Governance Calls

You want to be sure it is the best that it could be. You want to make sure its a rich discussion, with a seamless, glitch free, high quality video interface, so you can focus on nothing but the content of the meeting. Let Chorus Call handle the technology and everything else.


Chorus Call Audio Conferencing is supremely easy to use, yet with powerful features for those who desire complete meeting manageability including recording, text chat, translation, and transcription.

Chorus Call provides a full complement of audio-conferencing services, each designed to work the way you need, any time you need it, with custom solutions always available.

A few reasons to choose us as your teleconferencing partner:

High-definition audio quality
Fully integrated unified communications experience
Professional and experienced operators who know that the impression they make is a direct reflection on you, our valued client.

Use a passcode to freely hold a conference or have our professional Conference Executives manage your audio conferences.

We also do: Operator assisted dial out service with active monitoring


When a crisis hits an institution, it is extremely important to reach out to key decision makers immediately. It often is the difference between crisis management and absolute disaster.

Our Crisis Communication Service is strategically designed solution that gives you peace of mind in critical circumstances by allowing you to get in contact with the people you need to, instantly.

All you need to do is dial the access number and enter your Crisis Communication Pin provided by Chorus Call.

Our system will dial out a pre-determined list of participants, provided by you in advance, requesting them to join in an emergency conference. You can provide multiple contact numbers for each participant and all numbers will be tried once the conference has been triggered.


A convenient tool that obviates an enterprise from having to carry out time-consuming personal visits and physically authenticate the details or bona fides of individuals at their location. It’s ideal for NBFCs that process applications for (mortgage) loans for non-salaried customers at the latter’s location.

Chorus Call’s Video PD can organise the linking of credit officers or company representatives with applicants through geo-tagged personal video conferencing, enabling them to interact, exchange documents and carry out the verification of premises without physically having to go there!

What could take days to accomplish can now be efficiently completed in under an hour without movement and transportation costs and with total safety in these pandemic times!

This tool can be customised to any enterprise’s requirements. Call us to work it out for you!


USE ‘Voice-Drop’ for High-Definition-Recording on the secured Chorus Call platform, with assistance from trained specialists. Its quick and easy. Dial out to upto 20,000 participants all at once!

Generate reports. And only pay for successfully delivered messages.

You can send a simple reminder:

  • Have you filled up the ’Travel and Expense Report’ for the last quarter?
  • Remember you can win a 10%+incentive on new launches placed in the shop!
  • Seasons Greetings : Happy Diwali! This is Amitabh Bachan speaking, and I’m delighted to wish you personally!
  • Re-inforce company goals or objectives : are you ready to hit 1000 tons this month?
  • Communicate HR policies : Have you enrolled your parents or insurance cover under the new perks announced by HR? Don’t forget, do it now!
  • Or crisis communication: We will remain closed until further notice given the on-going rapid spread of wave 2 of Covid19.
  • Use Voice Drop – because a high quality pre-recorded message delivered at the right time, can inspire, inform and even spur action from thousands in the team!


This is an operator assisted live call, with two-way interaction and Q&A. Be assured that your message will reach intended recipients via push communication through multiple attempts, without the nuisance of seeming to be a spam call!

You get assisted interaction with thousands at the same time, while monitoring and providing live support through the full duration of the call!

Great features to work with:

  • Operator assisted–you always have help to ensure instant connectivity to thousands
  • One press of a button – to dial out to thousands all at once
  • Absolute Security – no need for passcodes or pins!
  • Call recordings, playback, transcriptions and even translations!

Several variations available of this service – call us and we’ll solve for what you need!