Aux Calls

Aux Calls

Back-up for Zoom/ Teams/ Google Meet

Defining the paradigm of call insurance

Chorus Call introduces “Aux Calls”, an easy to use PSTN dial-in audio conferencing service that is always available on demand.

What if…

Your important meetings set up on Zoom, Teams, Google Meet get disrupted abruptly due to technical glitches.

Can you risk wasting valuable time of your CXOs and Senior leadership team, leaving them with no option but to forcibly reschedule meetings that were meant for 

• collaborating with partners and external stakeholders

• bringing together global teams 

• taking important business decisions

• and much more


Zoom was down globally affecting online classes and video meetings, services now restored

Zoom started experiencing issues early in the morning while the outage grew bigger later in the day. Read More


Microsoft Teams Outage

Microsoft Teams Down For Thousands Of Users, Company Investigating Outage.

Microsoft Teams is down for thousands of users, after the collaboration software was inaccessible on Thursday morning. Website and service downtime tracker Downtedector reported thousands of user reports stating the service was inaccessible. Microsoft has confirmed that it is investigating reports that the service is inaccessible. Read More


Google Meet Hit By An Outage

Having trouble connecting to a meeting on Google Meet? You are not alone.

Google’s videoconferencing solution is suffering an outage since Saturday morning with several users witnessing server issues while connecting to their meetings. Read More



Aux Calls” by Chorus Call is a PSTN dial-in audio conferencing service (not dependant on internet) and is always available on demand. Reliable and easy to use Back-up when Zoom/ Teams/ Google Meet fails to connect.

We are global leaders in teleconferencing services and are trusted by large enterprise customers since over 50 years.

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Chrus Call is the global leader in Teleconferencing services and are trusted by large enterprise customers since over 50 years.

Key strengths of our audio conferencing platform:

  • High processing capability: The summit is designed to handle very high volume traffic. The switch has powerful processor, and each conference can be built twice. 
  • No Single Point Of Failure: The system is designed to detect any faults and to automatically re-route the call around the faulty path. There is no single point of failure.
  • Superior voice quality: he system offers the most superior voice quality and a true to life experience.
  • High Capacity: Though the Summit has a compact form factor: it can scale up to thousands of ports on a single chassis

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